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GreedEx stands for “GREEDy algorithms, EXperimentation with”. GreedEx is an interactive assistant intended to assist in the active learning of greedy algorithms. It allows experimenting with the optimality of different selection functions for a given problem that can be solved by a greedy algorithm. Currently, GreedEx supports six optimization problems: the activity selection problem and five knapsack problems, including the well-known problems of the fractional knapsack and the 0/1 knapsack. The user interface of GreedEx supports multiple natural languages (currently, English and Spanish).

GreedEx is a Java stand-alone application. It can be run under Windows XP or a later version of Windows, and requires to have installed JDK version 1.5 or higher. A version of GreedEx (called GreedExCol) that supports collaborative discussion has also been developed.

OptimEx stands for “OPTIMization algorithms, EXperimentation with”. It is an experimentation system akin to GreedEx but more general. Features specific of particular algorithms were removed, therefore it allows comparing different algorithms for the same optimization problem.

Captura de la herramienta GreedEx

Contact person:

J. Ángel Velázquez-Iturbide
Laboratory of Information Technologies in Education
Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
Madrid, Spain