por J. Ángel Velázquez Iturbide / 16 diciembre, 2019

Tesis – Línea 5 del Programa de Doctorado en TIC

Los miembros del grupo LITE estamos integrados en la línea 5 (Interacción Persona-Ordenador e Informática Educativa) del Programa de Doctorado...

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Jobs & Thesis

Welcome to the web site of the research group LITE, Laboratory of Information Technologies in Education. As our name claims, our main interests lies in the use of computer technology with educational aims, although we also work in other, related lines of research.

Research lines

Our current research efforts are focused on three main research lines:

  • Computer Science Education, which is the field where we apply most of our research results. This line overlaps with most of the following lines.
  • Educational Technology, that includes any software application developed with an educational purpose.
  • Human-Computer Interaction, which is an important area in education. Note that our clients, the students, will interact with our educational software. We have to ensure that this interaction does not disturb, and enriches if possible, the educational experience of our students.

More specific research lines, as well as contact persons, follow:


J. Ángel Velázquez Iturbide
Phone: +34 91 664 74 54
Campus de Móstoles
Office 2028, Edificio de Ampliación de Rectorado.


We are placed in the Móstoles campus. Our offices are at the “Edificio de Ampliación del Rectorado”, second floor. Our laboratorios are at the “Edificio departamental II”, ground floor.
Location in GoogleMaps. The University also gives instructions on how to arrive in the Móstoles campus. The following map also shows the location of both buildings.

Localización LITE